The Top 5 Signs You Need a New Toilet

The Top 5 Signs You Need a New Toilet

After years of use, toilets become less efficient or may have leaks that require constant repairs. If you notice that you are spending hundreds of dollars to get your toilet repaired frequently, it is perhaps better to have it replaced (you are much more likely to save money by buying a new toilet than to have constant repairs made).  The following are signs that it is best to order in a new toilet rather than continually having repairs made.

Cracks in Either the Bowl or Tank

Minor cracks can be easily fixed with the aid of a proper plumber. However, if these cracks are occurring often or if the cost of repairing these cracks is more than getting a replacement, it may be time to order a new toilet. Cracks in either the tank or bowl can be determined if you notice water constantly around your toilet; this can damage the floor surrounding your toilet and lead to higher water bills. Replacing your toilet or having cracks and leaks fixed can help reduce water damage and help you save hundred of dollars annually.

Having an Older Toilet

If your toilet requires multiple flushes to get anything down or if the toilet incurs clogs quite frequently, it may be time for an upgrade. Older toilets tend to require much more water per flush while still not being as efficient as newer models that use less water. Replacing your older toilets can help keep water usage to a minimum and save many hard earned dollars in the long run.

Highly Blocked Inlet Holes

These holes are the passageways for water to get inside your toilet bowl, thereby completing a flush. Oftentimes, mineral accumulation may occur after years of use, leading to improper water flow and incomplete flushes. Most of the times, the buildup of mineral can be cleared away with a bit of effort, but if you begin to notice that the holes are being extensively blocked, it is better to replace the entire toilet.

The Toilet Wobbles or is Unsteady

This is often to a weak floor or loose bolts at the base of the toilet. Though bolts can be replaced or tightened, a weak floor may need extensive repairs and require the toilet to be temporarily uninstalled. More often than not, the floor may may be being damaged due to the sheer weight of the toilet itself. In these cases, get the toilet replaced with a model that is lighter (newer toilets tend to be lighter while being just as efficient).

Constant Trickling Coming From Your Toilet

This can be caused by a defective float or flapper, which can be adjusted or replaced. However, if multiple adjustments or replacements of other parts still do not resolve the problem, requesting an upgrade can be the most efficient resolution.

Anything Else?

Overall, if the cost of repairing your toilet or if you notice your water bill is becoming exceptionally high due to your toilet’s water usage, it may be time for a replacement. Older toilets are often to blame, as they waste much more water than their newer counterparts. On average toilet replacements cost anywhere between $200 to $500 but is well worth the expense in maintain your home’s plumbing.  Hiring a local plumber to handle this for you is not as much as you think it might be.  Make sure that you vet them first and hire the right one for your needs.

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